Filmroll-Photography from the Kinemathek-Archives in Berlin

Großartige Fotoserie von Reiner Riedler, der Zugang zum Filmarchiv der Deutschen Kinemathek erhielt und dort die Filmrollen knippste. Ich mag ja die „Fingerabdrücke“ der einzelnen Filmrollen sehr, die durch das Material, die Filmbilder selbst und die Laufzeit abgebildet werden. Sehr schön!

I got access to the film archive and museum „The Deutsche Kinemathek“ in Berlin through my friend Volkmar Ernst, who works there as a technician. I drew up a list of well-known films and those with unusual titles. I set up a little photostudio inside the cinema of the archive and backlit the film rolls by installing film lights behind the objects, lighting each roll in the same way for continuity. The result was a collection of images of a few hundred filmrolls.

Through the act of collecting and selecting the film rolls I noticed analogies between the colour and the shape of the rolls, and the content of the movies. Besides the nostalgic connotation concerning the movie itself, there is the nostalgia concerned with the loss of a tradition. This projcet also deals with this loss - „the dying of film“.

THE UNSEEN SEEN (Published with kind permission, thanx Reiner!)