Links: Louis CKs Shortfilms, Facebook Data-Analysis, Quantum Internet and The Existence of Nothing

28.04.2013 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier noch ein paar Links, die vergangene Woche liegengeblieben sind, unter anderem mit frühen Kurzfilmen von Louis CK, generativer Kunst für Offset-Druck per Processing, Redesign-Prozesse für USA Today und Sea World Orlando, die Effekte aus Oblivion, wie Kiss wirklich auf ihren Song „Beth“ kamen, der komplette Code von jQuery als annotierten Quelltext, eine von Neil deGrasse Tyson moderierte Debatte um das Nichts, Quantum Internet, Andy Baios „The New Prohibition“-Vortrag über Copyright und Fair Use und einem tollen Podcast über Gullivers Reisen.


How to prepare algorithmically created content in #Processing for offset print #res13 / @andreasgysin: Using this tutorial and examples, previously edited vector graphics, typography blocks or entire layouts in PDF documents can be imported, manipulated and used as templates instead of adding them later-on 'by hand'.

7 Characteristics of Highly Creative People | Associative orientation: Imaginative, playful, have a wealth of ideas, ability to be committed, sliding transitions between fact and fiction. Need for originality: Resists rules and conventions. Have a rebellious attitude because of a need to do things no one else does. Motivation: Have a need to perform, goal oriented, innovative attitude, stamina to tackle difficult issues. Ambition: Have a need to be influential, attract attention and recognition. Flexibility: Have the ability to see different aspects of issues and come up with optimal solutions. Low emotional stability: Have a tendency to experience negative emotions, greater fluctuations in moods and emotional state, failing self-confidence. Low sociability: Have a tendency not to be very considerate, are obstinate and find faults and flaws in ideas and people.

 Vimeo Direktmagic

Magnetic Putty Magic (Extended Cut) | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios on Vimeo

Some Thoughts on Having Photographs Go Viral on the Internet

Sea World Orlando: We worked with Cubo in London to create all new maps for all of Sea Worlds parks in Orlando.

The Art of Harvey Kurtzman - YouTube: Featuring interviews with Al Jaffee and Robert Grossman

The Journey Behind USA Today's Site Redesign: Narrated by Fi's creative leads, Irene Pereyra, Global Director of UX & Strategy and Anton Repponen, Global Creative Director, this video is a look at Fi's story and strategy of redesigning one of America's most popular news site.

Spirograph on Vimeo: Grafiktablet, Lampe und Bindfaden

Retro Vectors

Movies and Shortfilms

 Vimeo Direkthybrids

HYBRIDS on Vimeo: In the wake of an alien infestation, an ex-special forces soldier loses her daughter in alien attack. Seeking revenge, she leads a team on a mission deep into alien territory. Soon, she makes a discovery which makes her question her allegiance.

 Vimeo Direktkiss

BETH on Vimeo: You know a song is a classic when it gets parodied. The legendary KISS ballad, "Beth" is no exception. This short film, directed by Brian Billow, chronicles the completely fictitious story of the song's inspiration. The Peter Criss character's dialogue stays true to the song's lyrics.

A LITTLE BIT BEHIND on Vimeo: Steve "Steve-O" Palmer is a part-time chef and full-time time traveler. He learned to build a time machine from a YouTube video and went back in time. Unfortunately, he now lives his life stuck three seconds in the past. His best friend, David "Dave-O" Strauss, doesn't quite believe him but his girlfriend, Jen Miller, fits in well since she's a bit slow already. But when Steve-O begins to get frustrated with being out of sync with the rest of the world, he reaches out for help in the only way he can think of: he creates a time capsule to send out his distress call. Fortunately, a German professor from the future receives his message and is able to help. The film was created by director Paul Slater as part of the Taos International 48 Hour Film Project 2012, which means it was written and filmed in less than 48 hours.

OBLIVION GFX - .work | GMUNK: The briefing for the Graphic Language stressed functionality and minimalism while utilizing a bright, unified color palette that would appear equally well on both a dark or bright backdrop… The function was to reflect the modernized sensibilities of the TET Mainframe computer and would assist the characters with the key components of their duties on earth; be it the monitoring of all Vitals on the ground using Vika's Light Table, or the various diagnostics in the air using the Jack's Bubbleship… For good measure, the team also designed and animated all of the HUD UI for the various machines and weaponry in the film cuz they could, establishing a consistent graphic language that rendered all the interfaces with a loverly cohesion rarely seen in them massive-budget Sci-Fi productions...

Louis C.K.'s short films


Stephen Wolfram Blog : Data Science of the Facebook World: More than a million people have now used our Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook. And as part of our latest update, in addition to collecting some anonymized statistics, we launched a Data Donor program that allows people to contribute detailed data to us for research purposes. A few weeks ago we decided to start analyzing all this data. And I have to say that if nothing else it's been a terrific example of the power of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language for doing data science. (It'll also be good fodder for the Data Science course I'm starting to create.)

The Newspaper of Tomorrow: 11 Predictions from Yesteryear | Paleofuture: Many of us here in the 21st century like to think of the newspaper as this static institution. We imagine that the newspaper was born many generations ago and until very recently, thrived without much competition. Of course this is wildly untrue. The role of the newspaper in any given community has always been in flux. And the form that the newspaper of the future would take has often been uncertain.

jQuery Annotated Source: Read the jQuery source like a book like a boss.


 Youtube Direktnüscht

2013 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: The Existence of Nothing - YouTube: The concept of nothing is as old as zero itself. How do we grapple with the concept of nothing? From the best laboratory vacuums on Earth to the vacuum of space to what lies beyond, the idea of nothing continues to intrigue professionals and the public alike. Join moderator and Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson as he leads a spirited discussion with a group of physicists, philosophers and journalists about the existence of nothing. The event, which was streamed live to the web, took place at the American Museum of Natural History on March 20, 2013.

'Quantum Internet': Towards realization of solid-state quantum network: Researchers at TU Delft in the Netherlands have managed to bring two electrons, three meters from each other, into a quantum- entangled state. This result marks a major step towards realizing a quantum network that can be used to connect future quantum computers and to send information in a completely secure way by means of 'teleportation'. Read more at:

Kepler's Tally of Planets - Interactive Feature - NASA's Kepler mission has discovered more than 100 confirmed planets orbiting distant stars. Planets with a known size and orbit are shown below, including five planets orbiting Kepler 62, announced this week.

The Great Debate: THE STORYTELLING OF SCIENCE (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1/2) - YouTube: The Origins Project at ASU presents the final night in the Origins Stories weekend, focusing on the science of storytelling and the storytelling of science. The Storytelling of Science features a panel of esteemed scientists, public intellectuals, and award-winning writers including well-known science educator Bill Nye, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, theoretical physicist Brian Greene, Science Friday's Ira Flatow, popular science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, executive director of the World Science Festival Tracy Day, and Origins Project director Lawrence Krauss as they discuss the stories behind cutting edge science from the origin of the universe to a discussion of exciting technologies that will change our future. They demonstrate how to convey the excitement of science and the importance helping promote a public understanding of science.

Power and Money

 Vimeo Direktremix

Portland/CreativeMornings - Andy Baio: The New Prohibition: "Cut, copy, paste. The ability to reuse and remix is so deeply baked into our tools, it's rewritten our culture. We learn to make great art by copying, and we participate in our culture by reusing and modifying what we see. But the law hasn't caught up with our changing values, effectively criminalizing the creativity of millions. Cover songs on YouTube, fanfic, mashups, and supercuts all violate copyright, and lawyers are starting to find new tools to discover and enforce infringement. Welcome to the new Prohibition."

Into the Fire: We spoke with refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and undocumented in Greece, to try and get an idea of the state of the asylum procedure in this European border country and what it is like to live in constant fear of being attacked – for having the wrong skin colour.

The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever | Politics News | Rolling Stone: The Illuminati were amateurs. The second huge financial scandal of the year reveals the real international conspiracy: There's no price the big banks can't fix.

Google Search Terms Can Predict the Stock Market | Surprising Science: A new study published today in Scientific Reports by a team of British researchers, though, harnesses Google Trends data to produce investing strategies in a more nuanced way. Instead of looking at the frequency that the names of stocks or companies were searched, they analyzed a broad range of 98 commonly used words – everything from "unemployment" to "marriage" to "car" to "water" – and simulated investing strategies based on week-by-week changes in the frequencies of each of these words as search terms by American internet users. A listing of the 98 words used in the study, from most effective at predicting market declines (debt) to least effective (ring). Image via Scientific Reports/Preis et. al. The changes in the frequency of some of these words, it turns out, are very useful predictors of whether the market as a whole – in this case, the Dow Jones Industrial Average – will go down or up (the Dow is a broad index commonly considered a benchmark of the overall performance of the U.S...

Commentary: The Bitcoin Bubble and a Bad Hypothesis | The National Interest: But all the interest in Bitcoin is in the idea that it is a store of value, one that may be expected to show steady appreciation rather than depreciation. So Bitcoin needs to be evaluated as a financial asset. Viewed in this way, Bitcoin is perhaps the finest example of a pure bubble. It beats the classic historical example, produced during the 18th century South Sea Bubble of "a company for carrying out an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is." After all, the promoter of this enterprise might, in principle, have had a genuine secret plan. Bitcoin also outmatches Ponzi schemes, which rely on the claim that the issuer is undertaking some kind of financial arbitrage (the original Ponzi scheme was supposed to involve postal orders). The closest parallel is the fictitious dotcom company imagined in Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury, whose only product was its own stock.


The Quest To Unlock the Mysteries of a Bizarre Manuscript Known as Voynich – Tablet Magazine: The manuscript is a small book – 23 x 16 centimeters (about the size of a small volume of Penguin Classics) – of around 240 pages. It is written in a code made up of an alphabet of between 20 and 30 characters, depending on the transcription. Most of the pages also bear illustrations: large-leafed plants, long tubes, astrological charts, a few goats, and many, many naked ladies bathing in pools and holding hands. Compared to the careful and sophisticated nature of the calligraphy, the drawings are primitive, even crude, a child's assessment of the female form. (One of the women looks vaguely annoyed, her hands inserted into two pipes, a small beard sprouting from her chin.) The plants, like the language – dubbed "Voynichese" – give off a frustrating and titillating feeling of familiarity, one recorded by experts, many of whom concur when asked how they got hooked on the Voynich: "It just looked so easy," they say.

SWR2 Wissen: Gullivers Reisen (MP3): Auf den Spuren von Jonathan Swift. Von Sabine Stahl. | Weltweit zählt das Buch "Gullivers Reisen" zu den Klassikern der Kinderliteratur. Doch sein Autor, der Ire Jonathan Swift, wollte mit den Geschichten von Zwergen, Riesen, unsterblichen Menschen und sprechenden Pferden niemals Kinder unterhalten. Er war ein Zyniker, der Menschen mit seinen Schriften "weh tun" wollte. Er galt als Menschenhasser und – weil er in seinen Werken häufig Exkremente erwähnte und oftmals abstoßende Szenen schilderte – sogar als wahnsinniger Neurotiker. Solche Urteile aber übersehen Sinn und Zweck seiner scharfen Satiren, in denen er Politik, Religion, Wissenschaft, das Wesen des "homo sapiens" aufs Korn nimmt. Wer aber war Jonathan Swift – und was wollte er mit "Gullivers Reisen" wirklich sagen?

Sick idea: how rabies spawned vampires and zombies | The Verge: In 1953, Richard Matheson, inspired in part by the movie Werewolf of London, wrote the iconic novel I Am Legend (yes, the one that became the Will Smith movie). It was a novel nominally about vampires, but not the rural cape-wearing paramours popular up until then. Matheson pitted a lone protagonist researching and testing a cure for a global pandemic that created a horde of base, animalistic vampires. Sound familiar? Matheson's vampires are the embryonic version of the modern day zombie. Zombie master George Romero even admits he "basically ripped off" Matheson in writing one his first short stories about a dystopian world of the undead. In Rabid, Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy actually name check World War Z in a chapter-length overview of the history of zombies and how they connect to rabies through their sister-monster: the vampire. Yes, zombies, part of our culture for less than a century, find their roots in the thousands of years old myths of vampires. There's not just a casua...

Hörspiel - Justus Jonas twittert nicht: "SMS aus dem Grab", aber keine Mördersuche auf Facebook. In Sachen Mediennutzung sind die "Drei Fragezeichen" echte Spätzünder - denn die Charaktere kennen zwar Internet und Handy - aber keine sozialen Netzwerke.

The Strokes' career arc, from 'Is This It' to their new album, 'Comedown Machine' - Grantland: From Is This It to is this it?