Cross-Dressing Protest in Iran

Vergangene Woche führte man einen verurteilten Kriminellen in der iranischen Stadt Marivan in Frauenkleidern durch die Stadt, weshalb nun Feministen auf die Barrikaden gehen. Und dann schwappte der Protest ins Netz, wo sich jetzt iranische Männer in Frauenkleidern ablichten lassen. Toll!

On April 15, police paraded a convicted criminal through the northwestern city of Marivan dressed in traditional Kurdish women’s clothing. This has prompted protests in the streets, online, and even in Iran’s parliament.

The day after the incident, a local feminist organisation, the Marivan Women’s Community, organised a protest to denounce this punishment -- which was handed down by a local court -- as insulting to Kurdish women. About a hundred men and women attended.

On Thursday, the movement spread online, via a Facebook page titled “Being a woman is not humiliating and should not be considered punishment.” By Friday, it had gained over 3,800 fans. Men living both inside Iran and abroad have posted photos of themselves dressed as women to express solidarity with the women of Marivan. A few women, too, have posted photos of themselves -- this time, dressed as men.

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