Bulletproof School Uniforms and Whiteboards for Schools

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Vor ein paar Monaten bloggte ich über eine Firma, die nach dem Amoklauf in Newtown kugelsichere Rucksäcke mit Disney-Prinzessinnen und Avengers herstellte. Ist anscheinend kein Einzelfall: Eine kolumbianische Firma schneidert kugelsichere Schuluniformen für die USA (Video oben), während man dort bereits ein paar Schulen mit kugelsicheren Whiteboards ausstattet. Fuck yeah, America!

Bulletproof whiteboards are being introduced in some US schools in what is being seen as adding a last-resort layer of safety for teachers and students against shootings. The schools include one where there was an attack a decade ago in which two students were killed.

The 18-by-20in (46-51cms) boards use a material apparently stronger than police-issue bulletproof vests and can be used as a shield in an emergency. Among the places where they are being installed is the Rocori School District in Minnesota which has acquired nearly 200 of them.

Bulletproof Whiteboards: Schools Get 'Shields' (via Arbroath)

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