Bedroom Cassette Masters: DIY Synthpop 1980​-​89

Awesome! Die Bedroom Cassette Masters versammeln DIY-Amateur-Elektro-Pop auf den 80ern auf bisher zwei Compilations, beide für Paywhatyouwant auf Bandcamp. Simon Holland hatte seine eigenen DIY-Tapes remastered ins Netz gestellt, als er jede Menge anderer alter Bands entdeckte, die genau dasselbe machten und hat sie alle angeschrieben, um die Compilations zusammenzustellen.

I established some rules regarding the selection, primarily to enable me to disallow the hundrets of thousands of guitar-based bands who'd also recorded demos in their bedrooms – the musical aesthetic of primal teenage rock music is one that does not interest me. So, to this end the rules were as follows:

1) Must habe been primarily recorded on cassette tape (Tascam Portastudio, Fostex etc…)
2) Must include at least one synthesizer and drum machine (vocals & percussion optional)
3) May include upright piano, 'found sounds', Casio VL-Tone/Stylophone etc… but – and I cannot emphasize this enough – No Guitars.
4) Did I mention it must not include any guitars?

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980​-​89 Volume 1, Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980​-​89 Volume 2 (via Coudal)