Riding a Stoopid Tall Bike thru Los Angeles

24.04.2013 Fun Misc #Bikes #DIY

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Richie Trimble ist während des CicLAvia VI: CicLAvia To the Sea – ein Bike-Event für alternative Transport-Möglichkeiten – mit einem rund fünf Meter hohen Bike durch Los Angeles geradelt. Und zum Glück hat er das alles mit einem POV-Video festgehalten. Die YT-Version ist natürlich geogefickt, aber der gute Mann hat das Teil auch auf Vimeo hochgeladen. Hier ein Reddit-AMA, Snip aus einem dem LA Street Blog:

In addition to the 150,000 cyclists that took to Venice Blvd. on Sunday, at CicLAvia VI: CicLAvia To the Sea, the “King of CicLAvia” was crowned. The crown was not awarded by the event-creators, but by the buzz surrounding Richie Trimble’s over a hundred pound, 14.5 foot – to the seat, 17 foot – to eye level, tall bike: “STOOPID TALL” aka “Big Boy” as it made its way from La Cienega to Venice beach.

“Everyone looks at you like your nuts and they’re right!” He laughs, “My Mom even said so!”

The day after CicLAvia’s event, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Richie, whose smile from the excitement of the previous day, infectious, never left our conversation. He tells me he arrived in L.A. six years ago, going on his first group bike ride: a Wolfpack Hustle Monday night ride known for its speed through the Los Angeles streets.

“I didn’t know what i was getting into,” as he showed up on a full suspension mountain bike. “They kicked my ass,” but he was never dropped.

King of CicLAvia: Richie Trimble’s 14.5 ft. Tall Bike!