Projection Mapping on Miniature Tokyo

 Youtube Direkttokyo, via Core77

Unfassbares Projection Mapping auf einem Modell von Tokyo im Maßstab 1:1000 anlässlich des 10jährigen Bestehens der Roppongi Hills. Whoa! Noch unfassbarer: Die haben auf der Website dazu ein Spielzeug, mit dem man selbst Projection-Mapping per Tastatur spielen kann. WHOA! Ich bin begeistert, sehr.

"TOKYO CITY SYMPHONY" is an interactive website, in which users can experience playing with 3D projection mapping on a 1:1000 miniature model of the city of Tokyo. The handcrafted model is an exact replica of the cityscape of Tokyo in every detail.

Three visual motifs are projected onto the city in sync with music: "FUTURE CITY," conjuring futuristic images; "ROCK CITY" that playfully transforms Roppongi Hills into colorful musical instruments and monsters; and "EDO CITY," or "Traditional Tokyo," which portrays beautiful Japanese images. Users could play a complex, yet exquisitely beautiful harmony on the city by pressing the keys on the computer keyboard. Each key plays a different beat along with various visual motifs, creating over one hundred different sound and visual combinations. Each user is assigned a symphony score of eight seconds, of which could be shared via Facebook, twitter, and Google+. The numerous symphony scores submitted by the users are put together online to create an infinite symphony.

Tokyo City Symphony