George W. Bushs interactive „Choose your own Adventure“-Museum

23.04.2013 Misc Politics #Bush

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Am Donnerstag eröffnet George Dubya Bushs das ihm gewidmete Museum, ein 500 Millionen Dollar-Komplex inklusive interaktiver Führung im Choose your own Adventure-Style. Seine Hundebilder stellt er da allerdings nicht aus, glaube ich.

As many as 24 visitors at a time are presented with one of four situations — the invasion of Iraq, the troop buildup in 2007, Hurricane Katrina or the financial crisis. Visitors have four minutes to pull up videos of actors playing White House aides, generals, lawmakers and others giving advice, then they pick one of three options.

When the room has voted, either Mr. Card or Mr. Bolten appears on the main screen to announce the result. Then Mr. Bush appears to describe what he did.

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