Is this a Headline? Is this just Fantasy? Printed on Paper, this is Newspaper-Hilarity…

I'm just a Print-Boy, I need some Headline-Fun… (Print-Journalist-Chorus: And when our Business-Modell blows, doesn't really matter to me… to me.)

The Ulster Gazette's deputy editor Richard Burden is the man responsible for that outstanding bit of glam rock pastiche.

"I just always liked to do that type of headline. If there's a film, a song, a lyric - anything that springs to mind and it lends itself, you'll try to fit the words in round it," he says.

But why choose Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody? Is it some deep and meaningful commentary on Danny Kennedy's plans for our rail network? "They're my favourite all time band, so it was an obvious thing for me.

Armagh Gazette does the fandango (via Arbroath)