Breaking Bad returns August 11th. Also: Breaking Bath Salt

Breaking Bad Meth-Badesalz, cooked in Albuquerque (via Laughing Squid). Must have! Und vielleicht gibt's demnächst nochmal Zombie-Kannibalen auf einem Badesalz-Meth-Trip, dann kann ich mir die Headline „Real Life Zombie-Attack thru Breaking Bad Meth-Bathsalt“ ins Blog kleben. Freu' ich mich drauf, sehr.

Whether you’re an underappreciated science teacher or a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, sometimes the only way to relax is to take a bath.

Crafted from all-natural ingredients under strictly controlled conditions, the Bathing Bad Bath Salts are vastly superior to the bath salts you might cop on the corner. Because we buy serious weight, we can offer these 8oz bags at street value, so kick back and relax in the bath with these crystals… just don’t tell the narcos.

Und auch nicht ganz so unwichtig: AMC hat grade Details und ein Datum zu den letzten acht Breaking Bad-Folgen bekannt gegeben, die finale Staffel läuft ab dem 11. August, inklusive einer an „Talking Dead“ angelehnten Talkshow zur Serie. Außerdem denken sie mittlerweile (sehr) laut über ein Breaking Bad-Spinoff mit Anwalt Saul Goodman nach.

AMC has announced that the final eight episodes of its highly lauded, cultishly followed moral disaster series Breaking Bad will begin airing on August 11. Meaning you have just under four months to lock in your theories about what will happen to meth-makin' Walter White and all those caught in his web of horror.

The network also announced that each episode will indeed be followed by Talking Bad, a wrap-up show done in the style of Talking Dead, the inexplicably popular Walking Dead post-mortem hosted by Chris Hardwick.