Terror Suspect Lockdown Interieur-Study

Edmund Clark fotografiert Einrichtungen in Guantanamo und dokumentiert „Kolateralschäden“ im Krieg gegen den Terror. Sein jüngstes Projekt „Control Order House“ ist eine „top-to-bottom survey of a three-bedroomed residence in which a pre-trial, UK terror suspect lives under house arrest“.

Control Order House is the only existing photographic study of a residence occupied by a person under a UK control order. It is not an exposé, however. Given the legal sensitivities, every image was vetted by UK government officials. Clark was not allowed to reveal the identity of the terror suspect — referred to in legal documents as “CE” — nor his location.

“To reveal CE’s identity would be an offence and in breach of the court-imposed anonymity order,” says Clark. “All the photographs I took or the documents I wanted to use had to be screened by the Home Office.”

Strategically, Clark has decided to release Control House Order as a book. In addition to redacted legal documents, handwritten notes from CE and architectural plans of the house, the book reproduces contact sheets of all 500+ images made in the house and presents them in the order they were made.

This Incredibly Boring House Is a U.K. Terror Suspect’s Lockdown