Robot-Toys made from old Drumsticks

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Tolle Holzroboter-Kids zum selbst zusammenbasteln von Housei Suzuki, kann man hier für ein paar Yen bestellen und ist Teil der Recycling-Serie eines Soundsystem-Designers. Das Pingmag Japan – Welcome back! Die hatten vor fünf Jahren eigentlich mit dem Bloggen aufgehört – hat ein Interview.

The earth is no longer a safe place where one can live in peace. Countless machines and materials were made and disposed heartlessly though the progress of human civilization. And now, the evil spirits dwelling in them began to take vengeance upon mankind.[…]

At that moment, as if to answer the people’s prayers for peace, a great army dressed in beautiful wooden armor appears from the depths of the forest of GREEN VILLAGE. With a minus-ion protection, they fly into the sky to challenge the evil army. MACHINES and CHEMICALS fall one after another, until the enemy begins to disperse. The black smoke disappears to show blue sky and sunshine. The forest army glitter in the sunlight as people raise their fists in triumph and call out their names: “MOKUSEIDERZ! MOKUSEIDERS!”

Wooden warriors saving the planet, musically