Teenage Pics of Kim Jong Un singing in Grease

Die Sun will Teenage Pics von Kim Jong Un gefunden haben, die ihn in einer Aufführung von Grease an einer Privatschule in Bern zeigen. Das Schmierblatt kann man natürlich nicht ernst nehmen, aber die Bilder geben's tatsächlich her, der Link unten ist anonymisiert.

US-hating dictator Kim Jong-un once played an all-American hero — in a school production of Grease. The North Korean tyrant appeared as a slick-haired leather-jacketed member of “good” gang the T-Birds as a skinny teen […]

Our snaps also show the now chubby nuclear despot, 30, in swimming trunks and larking about with fellow pupils at his posh private school. He started at the £16,000-a-year International School of Berne in Switzerland aged 11 in 1994 and stayed until 1997.

You’re the Jong that I want (via Atlantic Wire)