Roger Ebert R.I.P.

Roger Ebert, einer der weltweit einflussreichsten Filmkritiker überhaupt, ist heute im Alter von nur 70 Jahren an den Folgen seiner Krebserkrankung gestorben (die genauen Umstände sind nicht bekannt, gestern hatte Ebert noch gebloggt, ich tippe auf Komplikationen während einer OP oder ähnliches). Der Mann hatte 2006 seinen Unterkiefer an den Krebs verloren und war seitdem online sehr aktiv und bloggte regelmäßig Filmkritiken und Reviews. Unter anderem schrieb er über seine Alkoholkrankheit und seinen Kampf gegen den Krebs.

Der Tod von Ebert kommt trotz der bekannten Erkrankung sehr überraschend, gestern erst hatte er eine Online-Pause aufgrund neuer Geschwüre angekündigt, eine „leave of presence“, während der er unter anderem seine Website relaunchen und ein Geschäft unter Ebert Digital aufrollen wollte.

What in the world is a leave of presence? It means I am not going away.

Die letzte Zeile seines Blogeintrags: „So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies.“

Mach's gut, Roger. Wir sehen uns im Kino.

Aus dem Nachruf der Chicago Sun-Times, für die er seit 1967 schrieb:

Roger Ebert loved movies. Except for those he hated. […]

He lost part of his lower jaw in 2006, and with it the ability to speak or eat, a calamity that would have driven other men from the public eye. But Ebert refused to hide, instead forging what became a new chapter in his career, an extraordinary chronicle of his devastating illness that won him a new generation of admirers. “No point in denying it,” he wrote, analyzing his medical struggles with characteristic courage, candor and wit, a view that was never tinged with bitterness or self-pity.

Always technically savvy — he was an early investor in Google — Ebert let the Internet be his voice. His had millions of fans, and he received a special achievement award as the 2010 “Person of the Year” from the Webby Awards, which noted that “his online journal has raised the bar for the level of poignancy, thoughtfulness and critique one can achieve on the Web.” His Twitter feeds had 827,000 followers.

Roger Ebert dies at 70 after battle with cancer

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Calling the overall human experience “poignant,” “thought-provoking,” and a “complete tour de force,” film critic Roger Ebert praised existence Thursday as “an audacious and thrilling triumph.” “While not without its flaws, life, from birth to death, is a masterwork, and an uplifting journey that both touches the heart and challenges the mind,” said Ebert, adding that while the totality of all humankind is sometimes “a mess in places,” it strives to be a magnum opus and, according to Ebert, largely succeeds at this goal.

“At times brutally sad, yet surprisingly funny, and always completely honest, I wholeheartedly recommend existence. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then what are you waiting for? It is not to be missed.” Ebert later said that while human existence’s running time was “a little on the long side,” it could have gone on much, much longer and he would have been perfectly happy.

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