Holi: Festival of Colors 2013

Vergangene Woche ging in Indien wieder das Holi Festival der Farben über die Bühne. Das Thema wird zwar mittlerweile auch von irgendwelchen Event-Agenturen in Deutschland durch die Medien gepeitscht, aber da können ja die Pigmente nix für und die Bilder aus Indien sind ohnehin schöner. Am spannendsten ist vielleicht das Posting von Reuters-Fotograf Vivek Prakash, der gleich noch erklärt, wie man seine Kamera sauber hält:

Holi is celebrated widely across India, but it is more popular in the north of the country. The epicenter of all the action is in a triangle of villages around the city of Mathura – the fun begins at Barsana, then moves to Nandgaon, Vrindavan, and Dauji before finally finishing a week of rolling celebrations in the region where the Hindu god Krishna and his consort Radha are thought to have been born and lived. It’s a festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, but in this region it also has special significance as it celebrates the story of Radha and Krishna and their love for each other.

The enthusiasm of the people is unmatched – the energy combined with sheer numbers make for fantastic scenes drenched in water and color. It makes for delicious pictures. But I have to admit, after having covered it for the first time, it’s harder than it looks to get a great picture. Keeping your equipment dry and operational is a big challenge.

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