Tresor in Tokyo for Rent

Im Tresor feiern kann jeder, in einem Tresor leben nicht. In Tokyo vermieten sie grade einen Tresor als Wohnraum, kostet mit 2200 Dollar gar nicht so viel – zumindest hätte ich mit mehr gerechnet.

As luck would have it a chance to rent your very own bank vault has popped up as a listing on the Real Tokyo Estate website. […] It’s a spacious safe with 26.11 m2 of floor space including the lobby and safe with three chambers. The safe door is the real deal with one of those spinning handles and is dozens of centimeters thick. […]

The vault is located on the basement floor of a building which used to hold an undisclosed bank back in 1991. If I rented it I would just try to crack into it every day. Unfortunately, the rent is exorbitantly set at 207,375 yen (US$2,200), probably to keep nudnicks like me out.

Bank Vault for Rent in Tokyo, Perfect for Aspiring Robbers, 元銀行の本気の金庫、あります