The Secret Society: Modern Speakeasy Style

Animal New York hat ein schönes Interview mit Christian Alexander, der einen Fotoband über geheime Clubs auf der ganzen Welt veröffentlicht hat, die ihre Wurzeln in den Mondscheinkneipen (Speakeasy) während der Prohibition haben.

Almost a century after the dark days of Prohibition, so-called speakeasy culture lives on — though you might not know it. „The Secret Society: Modern Speakeasy Style and Design“ takes readers on an indulgent, voyeuristic tour of a secret world that exists all around us, where the nightlife elite revel in their exclusivity, hidden in plain sight.

From a converted synagogue where Parisians can enjoy late-night sacrilege and debacle, to luxurious members-only clubs that cost thousands of dollars annually and require finger-print scans for admittance, nightlife connoisseur Christian Alexander takes you through back alleys, pawn shop basements, refrigerator doors, and neon-lit sex shops, past the man asking for the secret password, and into the decadent underworld of the night.