Salat Dressing in a Cement Mixer

30.03.2013 Misc #Food

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Eine Pizzeria in Schweden hat ihr Salat-Dressing in einem Betonmischer angerührt. Das ganze ist aufgeflogen, als ein Kunde eine Schraube in seinem Döner gefunden hatte.

A patron of the restaurant started the ball rolling when he found a screw in his kebab meal in early March. […] "The screw was part of some tongs that we always use with the salad and it eventually came loose and fell in the kebab tray," the restaurant owner told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper. "The screw is black and the kebab is black - it isn't so easy to see it."

But the plot thickened when the customer alerted the local council's environmental office (miljökontoret). Inspectors discovered that the restaurant owners were using a cement mixer that had been painted blue for making salad dressing and sauces.

Diner 'screwed' by cement-mixer pizzeria (via Arbroath)