Exposing Online-Undercover Cops infiltrating DIY-Music-Scene

Toller Artikel von Luke O'Neil auf Slate über Cops, die sich online als Hipster ausgeben, um die Adressen illegaler Raves und Konzerte rauszukriegen. Fliegt natürlich sehr schnell auf, genauso wie die Undercover-Cops in Clubs immer seltsam alleine dastehen. „Boston Punk Zombie“… really?

“Boston Punk Zombie,” reads the crudely-scrawled avatar of a green-mohawked punk with the address bostonbeatgang@gmail.com. That name is apparently a generic-brand knockoff of an infamous Boston hardcore gang. Cred achieved. “What's the point” reads the tagline under the profile pic.

“Too bad you were not here this weekend,” “Joe Sly” wrote. “Patty's day is a mad house I am still pissing green beer. The cops do break balls something wicked here. What's the address for Saturday Night, love DIY concerts.” He might as well have written “Just got an 8 ball of beer and I’m ready to party.” Is it possible that Joe Sly is a real Boston punk? Sure, though if so he’s the first Boston punk in history to brag about drinking lame St. Patrick’s Day green beer. As one of the many amused music fans who scoffed at the screencap as it was shared around on Tumblr pointed out, “he/she said concerts ... concerts.” Anyone who's ever been to a concert like this knows that it's not called a concert. It’s a show. […]

“Hey there, local P native here,” wrote one probable imposter to a local band, (who probably meant to type JP, slang for Jamaica Plain). “What is the Address for the local music show tonight?" The local music show tonight? Who talks like that about a DIY show? Someone not used to talking about music, that’s who.

Boston Punk Zombies Are Watching You! (via Digg)