Metallica Tour Rider + Press-Kit 1983

Metallicas Tour-Rider von 1983, kurz nach Veröffentlichung von „Kill 'Em All“, während ihrer Tour als Opener für Raven.

In its 11 paragraphs, the Metallica rider stipulated that the group be provided with a case of beer. A deli tray, a case of soda, and other beverages had to be split with Raven. The document also noted that, “when possible,” each band should be provided with its own dressing room. In the alternative, “one capable of accommodating 15 people will be provided.” […]

the band got $625 upfront (and $625 on the day of the show) when they played two 75-minute sets at Broadway Jack’s in December 1983, according to a contract between promoter Bill Bucholtz and Metallica’s manager Jon Zazula.

To help promote shows, Metallica provided venues with a press kit that included the band’s effusive recap of how it had become a “phenomenon” during its two years together. The group gushed, “Becoming legendary to most musicians is a major dream and is only realized through much hardship and struggles. To ‘Metallica’ it came almost immediately.”

BACKSTAGE RIDER: Hall of Fame – Metallica '83