North Koreas Hovercraft is full of Photoshop

Kim Jong Un hat sich gestern nicht nur mit äußerst fragwürdiger Retrotech-Kriegs-IT ablichten lassen, sondern sie haben heute auch noch offensichtlich geshoppte Luftkissenfahrzeugbilder per Getty Images an Agenturen verteilen lassen. The Atlantics In Focus hat das ganze analysiert:

The hovercraft depicted inside the boxes in this image released by KCNA appear to be digital clones of each other, most evident in the blue boxes, where the leftmost hovercraft has apparently been copied, pasted and touched up to become a separate hovercraft at right. The leftmost vehicle, circled, does not appear to be a clone of any other craft in this photo, but its soft edges, lack of a visible wake, and color oddities make the image suspect.

Is This North Korean Hovercraft-Landing Photo Faked?