Sigmund Freud Script-Font

Harald Geisler aus Frankfurt finanziert sich grade eine Umsetzung von Sigmund Freuds Handschrift als digitaler Script-Font. Schönes Projekt!

To make the Sigmund Freud typeface look vivid, the font will be programmed to produce variations or 'alternates' during writing. Two different 'o' have to be drawn and stored in the font's memory. In the next step the font is programmed‚ to replace the second 'o' with the alternate 'o'.

Every language has letter combinations that occur more often than others. In English (counting the complete text of James Joyce's Ulysses) the top three pairs are 'he' 'th' 'in'. While in German (analyzing Goethe's Faust I) the most found letter pairs are 'ch' 'en' and 'er' (French: 'es' 'le' 'ou', Spanish 'ue' 'de' 'en')

To make the Sigmund Freud font look as handwritten as possible I will include alternates for the most common letter combinations in English, Spanish, German and French as alternates into the font.

Sigmund Freud Typeface - A Letter to your Shrink (via Open Culture)