Goblinproofing ones Chicken Coop

22.03.2013 Fun Misc #Books

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Ein Buch, wie man seinen Hühnerstall vor Goblins sichert, wurde mit dem Preis für den seltsamsten Buchtitel des Jahres ausgezeichnet. Der Diagram Prize wird seit 35 Jahren vergeben und wurde erfunden, weil den englischen Buchhändlern auf der Frankfurter Messe so langweilig war. Kein Scheiß! Über den viertplatzierten David Rees und sein Buch „How To Sharpen Pencils“ habe ich schonmal hier gebloggt und ich hätte den Preis ja an „God's Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis“ vergeben, aber mich fragt ja keiner.

Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop has been named as the winner of Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year. The title won 38% of the public vote, fighting off competition from fellow contenders „How Tea Cosies Changed the World“ and „God's Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis“.

Horace Bent, The Bookseller's diarist and custodian of the prize, said: "In Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop the public have chosen a hugely important work regarding the best way to protect one's fowl from the fairy realm's most bothersome creatures. Everyone knows well the hazards cats, dogs and foxes hold for owners of chickens, not to mention red mite, but the public has recognised the need to illuminate this hitherto under-reported nuisance." […]

The full shortlist and their share of the vote:
1) Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop by Reginald Bakeley (Conari Press) 38%
2) How Tea Cosies Changed the World by Loani Prior (Murdoch Books) 31%
3) God's Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis by Tom Hickman (Square Peg) 14%
4) How to Sharpen Pencils by David Rees (Melville House) 13%
5) Was Hitler Ill? by Hans-Joachim Neumann and Henrik Eberle (Polity Press) 3%
6) Lofts of North America: Pigeon Lofts by Jerry Gagne (Foy's Pet Supplies) 1%

Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop wins Diagram Prize
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