Illegal Botnet-Map of the Web

Wissenschaftler haben mit einem Botnet eine „illegale“ Vermessung des Webs und eine Karte des Internets erstellt, inklusive animierten XKCD-inspirierten Karten auf Basis von Hilbert Kurven. Fun!

“Two years ago while spending some time with the Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) someone mentioned that we should try the classic telnet login root:root on random IP addresses,” wrote the anonymous researcher behind the Carna botnet. “This was meant as a joke, but was given a try.” […]

Carna turned out to be an effective way of measuring a big chunk of the Internet, but there’s one major catch: It’s illegal and invasive, which no doubt explains why the researcher has remained anonymous. Carna was, as per the name, a botnet, a type of malware secretly loaded into any device it could penetrate. At its peak, the botnet controlled an estimated 420,000 devices.

Daily Dot: Rogue researcher uses illegal botnet to measure the Internet
Internet Census 2012: Port scanning /0 using insecure embedded devices , hier alle Karten und animierten GIFs in verschiedenen Auflösungen.