Instrument-Visualization of the Beatles' Discography

Großartige Posterserie der Popchart Labs, die den kompletten Katalog der Beatles nach Instrumentierung aufgeschlüsselt und das ganze in drei großformatige Infografik-Prints visualisiert haben. Man sieht in diesen Infografiken sehr genau die vor allem in ihrer mittleren Schaffensphase unheimlich komplex werdenden Instrumentierungen. Toll! Volume 1 gibt's hier, Vol.2 dort, das dritte Poster da und ein Box-Set mit allen drei Prints kann man hier kaufen.

The complete collection of our Beatles Song Charts, ready to cover a whole wall with the complete discography of the Fab Four.

Volume I covers all original compositions from their very first releases through “Help!” in 1965, showing the group’s progression from simple, catchy singles to complex arrangements like “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

Volume II covers their explosively creative middle period, from the release of “Rubber Soul” through “Magical Mystery Tour,” as the band incorporated exotic instruments such as the dilruba and tambura, as well as improvised sounds such as clinking glasses, rattling chains, and more.

Volume III covers their final period, from the “White Album” through “Let It Be,” as the band continued to push the possibilities of recorded music on songs like “Revolution 9″ and “Across the Universe.”