Visualizing Weezers Energy-Distribution

Schöne Spielerei mit Statistiken und Mucke: ArtistX visualisiert die Echo Nest-Datenbank und die Attribute, die Künstlern dort zugewiesen werden. So kann man dann zum Beispiel Weezers Brett-Verteilung ansehen. Sweet!

Distribution: Type the name of the artist, select an attribute and see the distribution of songs with that attribute. Click on a bar to start playing songs with that range of values for the attribute. Scatter: Type the name of the artist, select attributes for the X, Y axis along with the color and size of the displayed points. Click on a song to hear it.

Danceability - how danceable a song is. 0 is least danceable, 100 is most danceable.
Duration - the length of the song in seconds.
Energy - the overall energy of the song, 0 is least, 100 is most.
Hotttnesss - the popularity of the song, 0 is least, 100 is most.
Key - the key the song. 0 is C, 1 is C# and so on.
Liveness - the likelihood that a song was performed in front of an audience. Above 80 is usually live.
Loudness - the overall loudness of the song in decibels.
Mode - the mode of the song where major is 0 and minor is 1.
Speechiness - how much spoken word is in the song. 0 is least, 100 is most.
Tempo - the most frequently occuring tempo in the song, in beats-per-minute.
Time signature - the number of beats per measure in the song.

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