FITC Amsterdam 2013 Title-Animation

 Vimeo Direktpyramid

Sehr schicke Animation für die FITC-Designkonferenz in Amsterdam von Gmunk, der Tunnel ist eine LED-Konstruktion, hier noch ein fast noch schickeres Behind-The-Scenes-Video:

 Vimeo Direktmunk

The structure itself is made up of two main elements. The LED Panels and the LED tubes. 3 LED panels were used to make up the walls, all controlled by video content from a control computer. This allowed us to have open ended control over the motion, color, and effects that were applied to the video content. In addition to the 3 LED panels, 6 LED tubes were used to border the structure at both the front and the back opening. These tubes were also controlled by a mapped video signal that corresponded with the content playing on the main panels. That way we could accomplish moments of punch and exclamation as the content traveled both toward and away from the camera. They also provided a really nice frame for the shot, showing us the beginning of the space and the end.

FITC Amsterdam 2013