DJ Scientists Solid Soviet Steel Radio (SSSR)

Toller Mix von DJ Scientist (Facebook) aus Berlin für Ninja Tunes Sold Steel Radio Show, eine Stunde lang vintage Sounds aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion mit Tracks aus dem heutigen Aserbaidschan, Georgien, Modavien, Russland oder der Ukraine. Die Tracks wurden von Vinyl vom sowjetischen Label Melodia digitalisiert und in Serato Scratch und Cubase editiert. Eclecticism at its best.

More than that, to make it even more special, this first lesson in a series of other Soviet mixes by DJ Scientist is dedicated to tracks by so-called VIA bands. VIA is an abreviation for Vocal Instrumentalis Ansamblis or Vocal Instrumental Ensemble which was basically the synonym for pop groups in the Soviet communist states throughout the 70s. Many of these groups managed to create their own kind of sound, mixing western styles like Jazz, Funk and Rock with traditional music from their own countries. For example, very unique vocal harmonies can be heard in VIAs such as Iverya (Georgia) or Gaya (Azerbaijan).

All tracks have been recorded from original vinyl from the Soviet state label “Melodia” (Melody) and have been mixed and edited with Serato Scratch Live and Cubase. Some of the bands appearing in the mix cannot clearly be labeled as VIAs. Rero for example usually was an instrumental group and has been called “Variety Orchestra”. However, on the track “Come Outside” they play together with a vocal group. Technically speaking, the famous “Rude-Paparude” by Maria Kodrianu is not a straight VIA track too, as Kodrianu was a well known solo singer from Moldavia. However, here she is backed by one of the funkiest grooves, played by a VIA that was lead by A. Mordkowicha.

The artwork is taken from the cover of the Soviet youth magazine Krugozor issue 11/72.

Die Tracklist nach dem Klick:

Pesniari - Quail - Belarus
Soyol Erdene - A Broad Expanse - Mongolia
Aquareli - Cheerfully - Russia
Bayan Mongol Variety Group - A Black Horse - Mongolia
Dielo - Mukhambazi - Georgia
Arnika - Silver Ships - Ukraine
Arnika - Evening In Lviv - Ukraine
Tsvety - More Life - Russia
Pojushie Serdza - Knock On Any Door - Russia
VIA 75 - Namgalo - Georgia
Vizerunki Shlyakhiv - A Guelder Rose Grows By The Mill - Ukraine
Rero Variety Orchestra with Vocal Group - Come Outside - Georgia
3 Plus 3 - Travel Tale - Ukraine
Vodogray - Darling Girl - Ukraine
Orizont - Gaydutskaya Ballad - Moldavia
Gaya - Aman Jar - Azerbaijan
Gaya - Rodinka - Azerbaijan
Gaya - Wesenjaja Pesnia - Azerbaijan
Leisja, Pesnja - Rain Knocks - Russia
Maria Kodrianu & VIA A. Mordkowicha - Rude-Paparude - Moldavia
VIA 75 - Tiflis - Georgia
Nerija - Drebėk, Žemele - Lithuania
Iveria - Azimat - Georgia
Eolika - Jāprot - Latvia
Kalina - Tri Tembiti - Ukraine
Ariel - W Dele Liubom I Kazhdom - Russia
Iveria - Na Toku - Georgia
Wernie Druzja - Extra Ticket - Russia
Anatoli Korolew & VIA - Veselye Golosa - Russia
Charovnitsi - Rucheechek, Rucheek - Belarus
Arnika - Katerina - Ukraine
Charivny Gitary - Good Rain - Ukraine
Kalinka - Trailblazers - Russia
Chervona Ruta - Marichka - Ukraine
Vizerunki Shlyakhiv - Song About Shchors - Ukraine
VIA 75 - Arobnaja - Georgia
Nerija - Simple Style - Lithuania
Samotsvety - There In The Clouds - Russia