Chinese Police-State broadcast live in the UK

 Youtube Direktchina, via Boing Boing

Das ist doch mal was: Ein englischer Reporter hatte am Tiananmen Square einen Standard-Job zu erledigen und wagte es, das Wort „1989“ zu sagen. Prompt wurden er und sein Kameramann abgeführt und in einen anliegenden Park entführt. Was die Damen und Herren von der chinesischen Polizei nicht wussten: Die Kamera übertrug live.

He had been broadcasting from Tiananmen Square in Beijing, probably a routine story on the just-a-formality election of Xi Jinping as president of China, when he mentioned the 1989 protests. Police quickly ushered Stone and his crew into a van and, apparently sometime later (it’s sunny when he gets into the van, dark when he gets out), unloads them at what appears to be a park or school where they’re politely but insistently detained.

What’s amazing about this is that Stone is broadcasting live the entire time. At one point, he says right into the camera that he thinks this is only being allowed because the police believe they’re recording it all to tape. (If you saw a guy carrying a camera that was light enough for him to put on his shoulder but wasn’t plugged in to any obvious broadcast equipment, you’d probably think the same thing.)

Video: Chinese police detain British reporter, unaware he’s broadcasting live throughout