Communist Remix of the Avengers

Rough Cut Comics verkaufen einen kommunistischen Remix von den Avengers im Stil der alten Marvel Comics von Jack Kirby und Stan Lee, kaufen kann man das Teil für grade mal 3 Pfund hier.

“Communism’s mightiest superheroes in their most dangerous adventure ever” promises the cover strapline of this glowing tribute to the style of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Communism's mightiest super-heroes, striking at the heart of evil Capitalism for the workers of the world! Many years ago two men changed comics forever. Their work reflected the attutides of the country in which they lived - attitudes focused on a certain other country behind a certain Iron Curtain. Freedom Collective is the tale that asks: what if those two giants of comics had lived in THAT country, and shared ITS hopes and fears?

Can the Krimson Kommisar, MIG-4, Mastodon, Ajys and Homeland deafeat the power of the evil Chief? It is a crime against the State not to buy the comic and find out. And crimes against the State are taken VERY seriously.


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