Ai Weiwei makes a Heavy Metal-Album

Ai Weiwei hat ein Metal-Album aufgenommen, das Teil erscheint in drei Wochen, wird online vertrieben und ist natürlich ein Fuckfinger an das chinesische Regime.

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei announced plans on Monday to release a heavy-metal album that he said would "express his opinion" just as he does with his art. […]

Two songs are about blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng, whose escape from house arrest last April and subsequent refuge in the U.S. Embassy embarrassed China and led to a diplomatic tussle. One song on the album is called "Hotel Americana", a dig at the U.S. Embassy for sheltering Chen. Another is "Climbing over the Wall" - a reference to Chen's scaling of the walls in his village to escape, and Chinese Internet users circumventing the "Great Firewall of China", a colloquial term for China's blocking of websites.

China's heavy-handed censors will now have to endure Ai Weiwei's heavy metal