First Evil Dead Remake-Reviews

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Das Evil Dead-Remake hatte gestern nacht auf dem SXSW-Festival Premiere und jetzt rutschen die ersten Reviews durch meinen Feedreader. Looks like we have a winner.

John Jarzemsky auf Twitch: „Evil Dead succeeds as a horror film because of its unwavering dedication to the hopeless and devastating violence of its own world. […] Evil Dead is a cruel, nasty, and horrifying piece of cinema, and is as good a horror remake as has existed in the past decade.“

Matt Singer auf Screencrush: „Alvarez plays the audience the way Pete Townshend plays his guitar at the end of every The Who concert: smashing them over and over until they feel as broken as the characters onscreen.“

Scott Weinberg auf Fearnet: „a fast-paced, gut-punch, splatter-fest of a remake that will almost certainly please the old fans, probably entice a bunch of new ones, and thoroughly disgust anyone who happens to think that Evil Dead is some sort of low-key supernatural thriller. In other words, Evil Dead (2013) is one of the goriest wide-release movies I've ever seen.“

Alleine Devin Faraci auf Badass Digest ist nicht ganz so begeistert: „It isn’t that Evil Dead is particularly bad; it’s fine. It’s not hard to sit through, and it’s certainly competently made and every dime is on screen. But it’s without much of an identity; it’s never allowed to become its own movie and is constantly forced to reference or bow to or swerve from the original.“

Der Film startet bei uns am 16. Mai, in Amerika kommt er am 5. April. „I'll swallow your soul!“