Melting Boardgame teaches Climate Change

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Die Agentur Kolle Rebbe hat für das Wissenschaftsmagazin Geolino ein Brettspiel namens Meltdown entwickelt, das schmilzt und so Klimawandel für Kids anschaulich macht. Disclaimer: Gruner+Jahr gehören zu den größten Lobbyisten des Leistungsschutzrechts und darüber hinaus finde ich konzerngesponsorte Bildung grundsätzlich sehr fragwürdig. Wobei es eben auf den Einzelfall ankommt und ich liebe diese Idee hier! Thomas schreibt mir:

GEOlino, the German science magazine for children, wanted its young readers to experience the effects of global warming. Not with dry-as-dust theory, but in a completely child-oriented way. That's why we've developed MELTDOWN - the first board game that melts.

The aim of the game is to take a polar bear family from the permanent ice floes to safety on the mainland. It's a race against time, as the way leads across real, slowly melting ice floes, which children can make themselves with the accompanying mould, a bit of water and a freezer compartment. The chunks of ice are arranged on a blue polar sea sponge to form a small Arctic. The sponge is used as the game board and absorbs the melted ice at the same time. Now you can start saving polar bears.

MELTDOWN makes children experience the effects of global warming in a playful way. Without any wagging finger - just one hand to roll the dice.

Meltdown – The first board game that melts (Danke Thomas!)

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