Algorithmic Rape-Shirts on Amazon

Amazon-Seller Solid Gold Bomb verkauft knapp eine halbe Million Shirts per Print-On-Demand. Keins der Shirts existiert wirklich, die werden von einem Algorithmus zusammengesetzt, der populäre Motive automatisch in tausenden Varianten remixt. Und so kam's, dass in Amazons SolidGoldBomb-Shop ein Rape-Joke-Shirt zu kaufen war. Von Kram wie diesem werden wir noch jede Menge hören.

The algorithm that creates these t-shirts is not complex or powerful. This is how I expect it works.

1) Start a sentence with the words KEEP CALM AND.
2) Pick a word from this long list of verbs. Any word will do. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’re all fine.
3) Finish the sentence with one of the following: OFF, THEM, IT, A LOT or US.
4) Lay these words out in the classic Keep Calm style.
5) Create a mockup jpeg of a t-shirt.
6) Submit the design to Amazon using our boilerplate t-shirt description.
7) Go back to 1 and start again.

There are currently 529,493 Solid Gold Bomb clothing items on Amazon. Assuming they survive this and don’t get shitcanned by Amazon I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they top a million in a few months.

It costs nothing to create the design, nothing to submit it to Amazon and nothing for Amazon to host the product. If no-one buys it then the total cost of the experiment is effectively zero. But if the algorithm stumbles upon something special, something that is both unique and funny and actually sells, then everyone makes money.

Dictionary + algorithm + PoD t-shirt printer + lucrative meme = rape t-shirts on Amazon (via Boing Boing)