Mars Mission Shield from Poo

Die Inspiration Mars Mission will schon im Jahr 2018 auf einem privat finanzierten einen Mann und eine Frau zum Mars und wieder zurück schicken, jetzt haben sie ihre Pläne bekannt gegeben, wie sie mit dem nicht so ganz trivialen Problem der GCR (Galactic Cosmic Rays) umgehen wollen. Mit Strahlungsschilden aus Kacke. Your Mars Mission is full of Shit, yay!

McCallum told New Scientist that solid and liquid human waste products would get put into bags and used as a radiation shield – as well as being dehydrated so that any water can be recycled for drinking. "Dehydrate them as much as possible, because we need to get the water back," he said. "Those solid waste products get put into a bag, put right back against the wall."

Food too, could be used as a shield, he said. "Food is going to be stored all around the walls of the spacecraft, because food is good radiation shielding," he said. This wouldn't be dangerous as the food would merely be blocking the radiation, it wouldn't become a radioactive source.

Mars trip to use astronaut poo as radiation shield (Danke Dominik!)

Bonustrack: Schönes und ziemlich ernüchterndes Posting auf Reddit zur kosmischen Strahlung auf Reddit: Despite being a huge space nerd for many years, I've gradually come round to monkeys in deep space being a Really Stupid Idea.

Problem #2 is the aforementioned SPEs [Solar Particle Event, Sonneneruptionen]. These are occasional events, and vary hugely in magnitude, but a medium-sized one can dump 2Sv in an hour. For the big ones, it's an order of magnitude higher. With an acute dose of 2Sv, you don't have a 11% chance of getting cancer, you have a 100% chance of bleeding out of every orifice by the end of the week. More, these things can arrive at Earth within 15 mins of leaving the Sun, which means that in a space colony no-one could venture more than 15, 30, 60 mins (depending on how far from the Sun you are) from the nearest shelter. On a Moon or Mars colony, you can of course travel as much as you want during the night, but if your rover breaks down 8 hours out you are In For It.