The Square: Documentary about the Egypt Revolution

 Youtube Direktegypt, via Ronny

Toller Trailer zur Doku „The Square“ über die Revolution in Ägypten vor zwei Jahren. Der Film hatte grade Premiere auf dem Sundance Filmfestival und sucht jetzt per Kickstarter die Finanzierung für 'nen finalen Schnitt und Distribution.

The time to tell this story is now. Egypt’s revolution is not over. From songs to graffiti, the Egyptian revolution is not just a flash, its a movement. That is why we're making this film. To really tell the story of what happened (and is happening) in Tahrir Square, in Egypt.

As they say in the film, “No one can tell our stories except for us.” We are duty-bound to ensure that the story of Tahrir Square is told by the people who lived it.

Nebenbei behandelt der Film auch die Rolle von Streetart und Graffiti während der Proteste am Tahir Square:

 Youtube Direktstreetart

Graffiti began to appear on walls around Egypt during the January 25 uprising 2 years ago. Prior to that, there was little to no street art in all of Egypt. But now, the walls of Cairo's streets are covered in so many layers of graffiti and posters, grime and fumes, that studying the layers is like reading a book on everything these walls have witnessed. The uprising, the downfall, the unity and the coming apart are all shown in street art pieces - pieces that speak for those that do not have a voice.

Despite being perceived by the majority of Egyptians to be "pointless scribbling" on the walls, artists who got their start during the revolution have been commissioned for magazine cover art, have given lectures and been featured in documentaries about their work, including ours - The Square, an on-the-ground look at revolutionaries throughout the Tahrir uprisings.