Marijuana from Space

Der ehemalige NASA-Wissenschaftler Dale J. Chamberlain hat früher Botanik-Systeme für die ISS und das Space Shuttle gebaut und Anbauverfahren für kommende Mond-Basen entwickelt. Jetzt wendet er dieses Wissen in seiner neuen „High Altitude School of Hydroponics“ (H.A.S.H.) für Homegrower in Colorado an. Kein Scheiß. Es gibt eintägige Seminare für Amateurgärtner sowie eine Master Class mit Abschluss für professionelle Dope-Bauern. Ich will da hin.

Chamberlain knows more about far-out farming than almost anyone. At the Kennedy Space Center in the early 1990s he studied horticulture for future lunar colonies. "I assisted in building a plant-growth chamber that is still on the space shuttle," he says, explaining that low-gravity hydroponics left him uniquely prepared to handle Colorado's new legal landscape. "[…]

"Will there be weed in space?" He inhales and holds it for a beat before answering. […] anyone who's seen how astronauts go to the bathroom knows a bong in zero gravity could be very messy. Chamberlain is undaunted. "Anything can be engineered. I'm envisioning the filter in my mind now, you'd have to somehow strain the water from the air. It could be done, but there are better ways in space. They'd probably use a vaporator-type system or even edibles. The short answer to your question is: hemp in space!"

Meet the Former NASA Scientist Who's Teaching Coloradans How to Grow Marijuana Legally (via Animal NY)