Hello World: Documentary about creative Coding

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Hello World!: Tolle Doku-Serie von Ultra Labs aus Spanien über Creative Coding und generative Kunst. Der erste Teil ist grade online gegangen, geht um Processing. WMMNA hatte vor kurzem ein Interview mit den Machern:

How is the documentary series structured? Each episode corresponding to a different theme? Or a different tool? Or moment in the development of the open languages?

The series plan consists of three chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of this confluence of creation and coding. Each chapter takes a concrete tool and its community to deploy a particular theme. The chapter Hello World! Processing we are now premiering, for example, tackles with the specificities of taking code and programming as a medium or creative strategy: what's the role, then, and the interest of algorithms, data and parameters? What is being explored through them? We are not diving into the questions around interaction, for example, that's something we want to handle in the Open Frameworks chapter. Nor time, perception and attention concerns, which we'll explore in the Pure Data one.

Of course, we don't mean those languages are meant specifically for these proposed domains; we decided to articulate the series around concrete tools to highlight their importance as singular cultural devices.

Hello World! A documentary series on open creative programming languages