Non-invisible Bankrobber hates a Wizard

Im Iran hatte vor sieben Jahren ein Mann eine Bank überfallen, nachdem ihm ein Zauberer unsichtbar gemacht hatte. Theoretisch natürlich. (Old News but still funny…)

In the long list of criminal dos and don’ts, one of the top pieces of advice – above not robbing a CCTV camera shop, or not forging banknotes with running ink – has to be ‘never rob a bank thinking that you’re invisible when you’re not actually invisible.’ Sadly for one man in Iran, he made just that mistake – and as a result, police in Tehran are hunting a fake sorcerer who convinced the man he was invisible and so could rob banks safely.

The man’s ill-fated heist attempt started to go wrong shortly after he entered the bank, as he started snatching money from the hands of customers. For some reason, rather than being terrified of the mysterious invisible poltergeist stealing their cash, the customers quickly overpowered the hapless thief.

Non-invisible bank robber caught (via Reddit)