Units of Measure-Calendar

11.02.2013 Design Misc Science
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Toller Kalender mit und über Maßeinheiten von ACRE aus Singapur. Übrigens: Ein Buch, das dringend mal geschrieben werden müsste: „Der Tag, als die Amerikaner das metrische System einführten – Ein Science-Fiction-Roman über Bürokratie“, angelehnt an Stanislav Lems „One Human Minute“… aber ich schweife ab. Toller Kalender:

Measurements are at the heart of analysis, testing and discovery. The British scientist Lord Kelvin once said, “When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers you know something about it.” In the same way, the calendar wishes to illustrate measurements commonly used by a wide spectrum of people. Find more traditional units of measure like degree celsius, kilogram and hectare as well as explore less well-known units of measure like astronomical unit, decibel and aperture. Of course, we couldn’t resist representing pica, a unit of measure synonymous with design.

Units of Measure Calendar (via Quipsologies)