Pirate Game Hacks from Nairobi

Joe Keiser verbringt grade ein Jahr in Nairobi und hat dort eine Reihe von Games für die PS2 gekauft, eins grandioser als das andere. GTA Kirk Douglas! GTA scheint ohnehin das meistgehackte Game dort zu sein, bei GTA Saw steuert man Jigsaw durch San Andreas und in GTA Dubai läuft arabische Musik aus'm virtuellen Autoradio. In den Comments bestätigt er übrigens nochmal ausdrücklich, dass die Games echt sind. Ich hätte die gerne. Alle.

[The Diamond Plaza in Nairobi] is a beautiful, terrible place, perhaps my favorite in the city. Oh, and they sell games here, the sort of games you would expect in a place where only some of the rooms have a floor. Which is to say they are delirious hacks of old, pirated PlayStation 2 standards, from all over the world, with cover art that is uniformly amazing. […]

Full disclosure: this article exists so I can tell you all about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Kirk Douglas. Just look at it! It’s exquisite. The game itself is as grand as the cover. It is San Andreas, with the load screens replaced by EXTREME closeups of Kirk Douglas—and occasionally his son Michael Douglas, because hey, close enough, right? In the game, the main character appears to be a rough approximation of Kirk Douglas. Oh, and all the missions have been removed, so there’s nothing to do. Why would someone make this? Is there some shadow demographic of Grand Theft Auto/Kirk Douglas fans that is going completely unserved? No? Then let us create one, you and I, and give this labor of love the respect it deserves.

The Pirate Hacks of Africa – Shopping for Knockoff Games in Nairobi (via Jason Kottke)