Mega Search Engine

Es gibt jetzt eine Suchmaschine für Kimbles Megadings, die Suche basiert auf Links zum Filelocker, die im Netz gepostet werden:

The search engine doesn’t crawl Mega content — which is not possible because of Mega’s architecture. Instead, it relies on Mega users voluntarily providing links to files hosted on Mega’s service. Then downloaders can click and pull the content into their own Mega stash, or download it to their hard drives.

And the downloads are fast — way faster than a typical BitTorrent download.

Combined with Mega, the search engine — which is hosted from an anonymous domain — makes for a full blown piracy site, closer to what Megaupload was before it was brought down. Dotcom’s lawyer, Ira Rothken, said “no” when asked if his client had anything to do with the search engine.

Kim Dotcom’s Mega Gets Third-Party Search Engine

[update] Anscheinend wurden die Links der Suchmaschine von Mega runtergenommen: Dotcom’s Mega Removes Legal Files Citing Bogus DMCA Requests „, one of the larger Mega indexes, became a repository of dead links overnight. The site in question allows the public to post links to files shared on Mega. It currently lists nearly 8,000 links, but apart from the most recent submissions these are “no longer available” on Mega.“