The Continuum presents Lisa

 Youtube Direktlisa, via Ektopia

Stage5TV haben eine schöne Kurzfilmreihe namens Continuum am Start, die Shorts sind allesamt mindestens nett. Meine Favorites sind Vampir-Ubahn-Flick „So Pretty“ und „Lisa“ oben, eine Vignette um einen Robot-Designer:

There is a new boom in the technology sector: Robotics. Humanoid robots have replaced most retail employees in major chains across the country. What sets these robots apart is how well their personalities are designed-- how charming and helpful they are, how human they are perceived.

Few people in the world can design such a robot. It is an art - it requires a deep understanding of both humanity and technology. Our story focuses on one such individual: ANDERS OHM.

The Continuum