Punk Voyager in Space

Großartige Story Shaenon Garrity, gelesen in einem Podcast von Nathaniel Lee. Punks bauen sich eine eigene Voyager-Sonde, weil im Original „fucking Chuck Berry“ mitgeschickt wurde und Mozart und sowas. Und weil „[Aliens] gonna think we walk around naked and listen to Chuck Berry. There ain’t no aliens, but if there was, they’d think we suck.“ Deshalb bauen sie sich ne eigen Voyager aus Bierdosen und schicken die mit Platten von the Clash, Surfmags und 'nem Buch über Knast-Tattoos ins All. Großartig!

“Okay, yeah. Voyager carries a record of stuff from Earth for the aliens to find. And naked pictures. They put in naked pictures of people. Yeah, whatever, naked pictures. And photos, different languages, music, stuff like that.” – “Music?” said Johnny Bonesaw. “What music?” said Red.

“Um.” Lacuna chewed her lip, thinking. “Beethoven, maybe. Or Mozart. You know, classical music. And tribal stuff, like, from around the world. And ‘Johnny B. Goode.’”

Johnny Bonesaw and Red stared at her. They stared up at space. They stared back at her. “Chuck Berry?” said Johnny Bonesaw. “Yeah.” They looked up at space, then back at Lacuna. “f***,” said Red, “That. s***.”

“f***ing Chuck Berry,” said Johnny Bonesaw. […]

Then the punks built Punk Voyager. They made it from beer cans, razors, safety pins, and did I do this part already? Whatever. They loaded it with the most precious artifacts of human culture they could find in Mexican Johnny D-bag’s van. Johnny Razor found some surf magazines. Johnny Bonesaw found a guitar pick and a book about prison tattoos. Mexican Johnny D-bag got upright long enough to find his second-best roach clip and third-best weed. Red found a Clash eight-track. And Lacuna, with great ceremony, placed within Punk Voyager the first and only LP by Bad Feet, the band they were in sometimes.

“You gotta make it faster than regular Voyager,” said Red. “So our culture gets to the aliens before the CIA’s fascist pseudo-culture.”

EP380: Punk Voyager (via Boing Boing)