Boil The Frog: Playlists as Paths between Artist

Boil The Frog: Schönes Spielzeug, mit dem man Playlisten erzeugt, die auf Basis einer „Ähnlichkeits“-Datenbank Übergänge zwischen Künstlern erzeugt, hier zum Beispiel „Mickey Mouse to Deadmau5 in 14 songs.“

To use Boil the Frog, you type in the names of any two artists you’ll be given a playlist that connects the two artists. Click on the first artist to start listening to the playlist.  If you don’t like the route taken to connect two artists, you can make a new route by bypassing an offending artist.  The app uses Rdio to play the music.  If you are an Rdio subscriber, you’ll hear full tracks, if not you’ll hear a 30 second sample of the music.

You can create some fun playlists with this app such as:

Miley Cyrus to Miles Davis
Justin Bieber to Jimi Hendrix
Mickey Mouse to deadmau5
Patti Smith to the Smiths
Elvis to Elvis
The Carter Family to Rammstein
Kanye West to Taylor Swift
Cage the Elephant to John Cage
Ryan Adams to Bryan Adams
Righteous Brothers to Steven Wright

Music Machinery: Boil The Frog