Larry, the Humanoid Simulated Vomiting System

Wusste ich auch noch nicht, klingt aber logisch: Es gibt eine humanoiden Kotz-Simulator, an dem Virologen die Verbreitung von Erregern untersuchen. Und was man mit so einem humanoiden Kotz-Simulator eben noch so untersuchen kann. Ich mag die Worte „humanoider Kotz-Simulator“ sehr gerne. Er heisst übrigens Larry und man sieht ihn in diesem Clip ab Minute 2:44 in Slow Motion und in Action.

Larry is a "humanoid simulated vomiting system" designed to help scientists analyze contagion. And like millions around the world right now, he's struggling with norovirus - a disease one British expert describes as "the Ferrari of the virus world". […]

At the Health and Safety Laboratory in Derbyshire, northern England, where researcher Catherine Makison developed the humanoid simulated vomiting system and nicknamed him "Vomiting Larry", scientists analyzing his reach found that small droplets of sick can spread over three meters. "The dramatic nature of the vomiting episodes produces a lot of aerosolized vomit, much of which is invisible to the naked eye," Goodfellow told Reuters. Larry's projections were easy to spot because he had been primed with a "vomitus substitute", scientists explain, which included a fluorescent marker to help distinguish even small splashes - but they would not be at all easily visible under standard white hospital lighting.

Vomiting Larry battles "Ferrari of the virus world" (via Creepy Robots)