Hollywood Majors share the shit out of BitTorrent

TorrentFreak hat mit einer Firma für BitTorrent-Monitoring herausgefunden, dass die IP-Adressen aus den Netzen der größten Verfechter von Copyright-Maximalismus und Internetsperren selbst haufenweise Filme saugen. Das ist natürlich nix neues, aber trotzdem immer wieder sehr amüsant.

With help from BitTorrent monitoring company Scaneye we found that BitTorrent piracy is rampant in Hollywood. […]

Static IP-addresses registered to Paramount were associated (e.g.) with the downloading of a wide variety of content as can be seen below. The indie production Battle Force was one of the movies shared, as well as the Lionsgate film The Hunger Games. And what about Happy Feet, a movie distributed by competitor Warner Bros?

At Warner Bros. BitTorrent is also used by many employees. Here there appears to be a particular interest in adult entertainment. The Expendables 2 is also among the titles that were downloaded via Warner Bros. IP-addresses. This is not without risk, as the makers of the movie are known to sue alleged BitTorrent downloaders.

Hollywood Studios Caught Pirating Movies on BitTorrent