Christmas on Mars

John Scalzi hat auf seinem Blog ein Posting von Diane Turnshek, die die Feiertage in der Mars Desert Research Station in der Wüste von Utah verbringt, wo die The Mars Society Tests für bemannte Mars Missionen durchführt.

I’m out at the Mars Desert Research Station north of Hanksville, Utah. I’ve been in training for this mission all my life. A couple of science degrees, my motorcycle license, years spent cooking for four kids, and my journalism skills all contributed to being chosen by The Mars Society for a two week stint in their desert base, a small two-story cylindrical Habitat with 4 x 11 foot bunk rooms and a single bathroom for six crewmembers.

Christmas will be different. We are hosting a Swiss film crew who is making an indie movie featuring humanity’s future life on Mars. We’ll celebrate good tidings with beef stew, homemade bread, potato pancakes and a brownie dessert.

Christmas on Mars (via /.)