The bioengineered Stingray-Sneaker Hoax

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Die Sache mit den Sneakern aus dem Leder von genetisch modifizierten Rochen hat sich aufgeklärt, der Hoax kam von Next Nature, einer Bande niederländischer Futuristen, die sich vor allem mit Konsum in der Zukunft beschäftigen (siehe auch ihr Nano Supermarket). Well played!

Rayfish Footwear is a fictional company that offered personalized sneakers crafted from genetically modified stingray leather. The launch of the company website catalyzed a debate on emerging biotechnologies and the products it may bring us. It also questioned our consumptive relationship with animals and products in general.

While such discussions often remain abstract, we aimed to make them tangible in a concrete product you can love or hate.

The Rise and Fall or Rayfish Footwear

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