EU-Resolution for Internet Rights

Die EU hat eine Resolution verabschiedet, die das Recht auf ein unzensiertes Internet anerkennt und eine Reform des Urheberrechts fordert. Die Resolution hat natürlich „nur“ Symbolwert, aber es ist durchaus ein schönes Signal, vor allem angesichts der ITU-Konferenz. Es besteht also durchaus noch Hoffnung und es gibt tatsächlich merkfähige Politiker da draußen. Bravo!

The European Union has passed a landmark resolution for Internet rights.

The 27-country union now “recognises that uncensored access to the open internet [has] impacted on human rights and fundamental freedoms[...]by expanding the scope of freedom of expression, access to information, the right to privacy and freedom of assembly across the world,” according to a resolution passed Tuesday. It was authored by Marietje Schaake, Member of European Parliament (MEP) for Denmark, who’s regarded as one of the Internet’s biggest defenders in European politics. “I’m very happy with the wide support my report received,” she wrote on her blog, noting that a “large majority” of the EU voted in agreement.

Among the resolution’s declarations is a call for copyright reform, noting that “the freedom to imitate and reuse” content is vital for Europe’s “cultural heritage.” It also supports the “multi-stakeholder” approach to Internet governance; in other words, it opposes the idea of the U.N. taking control over Internet regulation.

EU passes landmark Internet rights resolution